Dreams: Lake Powell

Remote Location Performance, Lake Powell Utah 2015

Featuring dancers: Cheryl Broughton & Summer Davies

Let us take you on an adventure!

A very special thank you to everyone involved in making this remote location aerial dance piece possible. Lead rigger and safety coordinator: Darren Jeffrey (The ATS Team), Rigging and specialty camera: Heidi Gledhill (Deep Creek Coffee Co.), Rigging and specialty camera: Crystal Canales, Water safety, rigging and specialty camera: Matt Clark, Aerial dancers and choreographers: Cheryl Broughton and Summer Davies.

Vertical Art Dance embodies the importance of safety and the spirit of adventure. Removing borders and taking our art to some of the most remote locations around the world. We invite you to follow our journey. Our goal with these performances is to inspire others to think big AND to think safe. We have assembled a selection of equipment for sale, which, when used properly, will enable an experienced “rope rigger” to hang fabrics in the most desirable places imaginable.


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