1″ Nylon Sling


Sterling sewn slings or are made with the highest quality nylon webbing and computerized precision bar tacking, making them exceptionally strong and lightweight. These slings when paired up, are stronger & more durable than a nylon Span Set! The flat 1” nature of these slings allows them to settle into the strongest part of the connectors with less risk of carabiner overloading.



MBS: 5,170 lbs

Melts: 480-F.

Tech Tip: Span sets generally are to thick for a traditional style carabiner to host without weakening the carabiner. Professional riggers don’t use carabiners with Span Set of GAC Flex. We use steel shackles and we hobble the screw pin with a zip tie so it cannot work loose under vibration.

Fun Fact: Nylon, of all the common “life safety” material is routinely the most often used. Its cost effectiveness combined with its strength AND durability make it the perfect material to design life safety gear with. Nylon molecules have a particular type of “memory” which allows for them to realign after exposed to heat. Heat is generated every time force is applied to the sling. When a shock load breaks a nylon sling in half you can see the broken end fibers will be melted and may even be glued to themselves again once cooled. If a sling is loaded close to its breaking strength without actually breaking the sling, the material will be damaged. Nylon, will remain damaged for the shortest period of time due to its incredible molecular memory. Other high strength fibers will not have the same memory as nylon and will experience “permanent” damage once loaded to near breaking. Technora is one of the highest strength materials being used for life safety gear due to its incredible heat resistance. When a Technora product is shock loaded its experiences less damage from the heat created and will need less time to recover at the molecular level due to the lack of damage from the heat. We use Nylon slings and Technora Ropes for all of our rigging needs. The ropes wont melt and the anchor slings enjoy the abuse… so to speak.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 24 in

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