50′ CanyonTech Rope


50 feet of CanyonTech rope is a popular cut length which we stock for your areal rigging needs. CanyonTech has a Technora (tan) sheath which will not melt. Technora is a high grade Arimid fiber which chars (not melts) at 950°F. For a comparison, standard nylon and polyester ropes completely melt under 500°F.


CanyonTechs low stretch rate 3.90%, its cut resistant sheath (used by arborists), its durable heat resistant sheath and its shock resistant nylon core means this rope can handle the abuse of areal rigging and performance both indoor and outdoor.

Custom lengths are available by selecting the product “CanyonTech by the foot”

Compatible with Sterling Rope F4 lowering device.

Elongation: 3.90%

MBS (kN): 6,092 (27.1)

Weight (lbs/50′): 4.2

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs