A-Frame by X-Pole US with Single Point Aerial Hoop Kit


We have paired X-Pole’s new portable A-Frame structure with an aerial dance hoop kit! (Aerial dance hoop kits do not come pre-assembled.)

The A-FRAME is designed to be a portable aerial rig for Hammocks, Silks, Hoops and the X-FLY Flying Pole.

Adjustable from 2.45m up to 3.48m in height, the A-FRAME can be as adaptable as you. Carry cases for all elements of the A-FRAME come as standard, and at a total of 35kgs, this really is the most portable aerial rig available.

***If you live in the Southern California area and would like to save on shipping costs we can arrange for you for to pick up your A-Frame and hoop at the X-Pole US Los Angeles office. To place an order for will call please call or email us 626-470-7705 / info@verticalartdance.com



A-Frame By X-Pole US:


  • Lightweight aluminium frame for maximum portability
  • 1m top bar supplied with product
    • 2m extended top bar sold separately
  • Extendable height from 2450mm up to 3480mm
    • Footprint
      • 2450mm height – 4.4sqm
      • 3480mm height – 8.9sqm
  • Stabilisation straps supplied for extra rigidity at taller heights
  • Can be used indoors (height clearance permitting) or outdoors
  • Flexibility to switch between aerial disciplines (Hammocks, Silks, Hoops or X-FLY Flying Pole)
  • Carry cases included
  • Full instructions included
  • Additional weight bags included for maximum stability
  • Portability – Light-weight frame allows the user to take it anywhere with them!
  • Sand not included
  • Vertical Art Dance provides you with 2 x 24″ nylon slings for rigging to your A-Frame (figure 8 connectors are no longer provided by X-Pole US.
  • The A-Frame is rated up to 150kg/330 Lbs for normal aerial use.
  • The A-Frame should not be used for any swinging discipline.
Aerial Dance Hoop Kit Includes:
  • 1 x Pro Hoop (1″ thick tubing) or 1 x Sport Hoop (1.34″ thick tubing) by X-Pole US. Choose your option and size in the drop down menu: 800mm (31″) 8500mm (33″) 900mm (35″) 950 (37″) 1050 (41″) inside diameter)
  • 2 x Sterling Rope black Osprey AL carabiners
  • 1 x SR Swivel
  • 1 x Chain Reactor Pro
  • 1 x Screw Link

This kit does not include crash pads. Crash pads must be purchased separately. 

Tech Tip

For this kit attach one carabiner to the anchor point (single point anchor sling) then attach your swivel to the carabiner with the second carabiner below the swivel. Attach the screw link with the “dog bone” or doubled up chain of the chain reactor to the single point tab on your hoop. Attach the chain reactor to the carabiner underneath your swivel. The chain reactor is unique in that you can attach any of the loops to make your apparatus higher or lower off the ground. Each loop on the chain reactor is rated at full strength /  MBS 3147 lbs. The redundant sewn girth hitch point or “dog bone” is rated at MBS 5296 lbs.

Pro Hoop by X-Pole US: 1″ / 25.4mm thick tubing. These are perfect for those who are comfortable with the smaller hand grip.

Sport Hoop by X-Pole US: 1.34″ / 34mm thick tubing. These are perfect for those who are more comfortable with a larger hand grip.

Additional information

Hoop size (inside diameter)

800mm (31"), 850mm (33"), 900mm (35"), 950mm (37"), 1050mm (41")

Tubing thickness

Pro Hoop 1" (25.4mm) thick tubing, Sport Hoop 1.34" (34mm) thick tubing