Aerial Angel Rigging plate


The Vertical At Dance Angel Aerial Rigging plate is a unique, customized rigging plate designed to replace any traditional rigging plate currently being used.

We have engineered the 1st decorative style rigging plate made exclusively for the aerial arts industry. This 6000 series aluminum rigging plate has an MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength) of 5,000lbs or 23kN and is 1/2” thick. It looks fabulous above your silks and has a beefy heavy metal feel. We have installed top and bottom pick points made for a specific style carabiner bar stock or frame for safety which works very well with the Sterling Rope Osprey carabiner. Each carabiner Point Of Connection or POC has a heat resistant rubber ring which is designed to reduce vibration being passed into the carabiner and also traps the connector and forces its orientation making a cross loaded connector very difficult to achieve while using this plate as directed.

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The Aerial Angel Rigging Plate works well when connecting two separate pieces of fabric together to achieve a nice multi color fabric effect and offers a nice smooth rounded point of connection for your fabric. You can flip the plate upside down and connect your fabric into the open spaces on the wing tips turning this Angel Rigging Plate into a “spreader bar” for silks hung in “hammock mode”.

We have designed this plate ergonomically for your hands to fit into the wings of the Angel to open up additional dance posses while using the plate as a minor apparatus. This plate is not a “gotta have” its a “nice to have” and until now theres been nothing like it.

Patent Pending.

The Vertical Art Dance Angel Rigging Plates are made in the USA and are currently made to order. After your order is placed it will take 2-3 weeks for you to receive your beautiful new Angel Rigging Plate.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3.5 × 14 in