Aerial Arts Rigging Kit with LOS


What is a (LOS) lower out system? In short it’s the ability for an instructor to “safely lower” an entangled/endangered student from a silk or apparatus without the use of a ladder set up on a padded floor. Which is the normal procedure…. currently. We aim to fix that. If you not using padded flooring… you should be, along with your new LOS.

The ultimate overall rigging kit. Pair this kit with your truss arch order or rig it into your existing overhead grid. This rigging kit is perfect for Aerial Yoga or Dance configurations. This kit includes the Chain Reactor anchor sling, F4 lowering device with quick link connector, 50’ of 9mm heat resistant rope, 1’ nylon anchor slings with TRI links for 2 Change Of Direction (COD) Overhead Anchors. At the termination of this system you’ll own a quick link connector with a Sterling Rope (SR) Swivel & either Steel or Aluminum Auto Locking (AL) carabiner for joining your SR Rescue 8 plate and fabric. The Silk lengths are dependent on your choice of Aerial “Dance – 42ft.” or “Yoga – 21ft.”.

Though not needed, pulleys are added into the COD anchor for “ease of use” and “longevity of a rope life/ cleaner appearance”.




Kit Includes:

Ground Anchor System: 

1 x Chain Reactor – $25.35

1 x Screw Link 8mm – $9.35

1 x F4 – $94.40

C.O.D. Over Head Anchor System:

2 x 48” Nylon Sling – $16.10

2 x Tri Link – $22.00

2 x SR MSP – $85.80

Main System:

50’ Canyon Tech Rope – $71.00

1 x Screw Link 8mm – $9.35

1 x SR Swivel – $59.45

1 x SR Steel AL Carabiner – $39.60 or 1 x Osprey Aluminum Carabiner – $20.35

Select either the Aerial Dance Kit or the Aerial Yoga Kit. Custom fabric lengths are available, call for ordering information.

Aerial Dance Kit:

1 x SR Rescue 8 – $48.65

14 yards (42’) Tricot Aerial Fabric – $126.00


Aerial Yoga Kit:

2 x 19” Hollow Blocks – $28.10

7 yards (21’) Aerial Fabric for a 10.5’ hammock – $63.00


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

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