Aerial Dance Fixed Anchor Kit


This rigging kit allows the rigger to sling an existing anchor point and suspend a single aerial apparatus or silk. This is a good kit when silk height isn’t a concern. This kit is a “low profile” system which will allow users in “low height” conditions to take advantage of the space they have to work within. Less rigging in the way allows for more silks to pull on.



Tech Tip: Don’t 3-way load your carabiners. 

Though strong, riggers should “double up” the 1” nylon Anchor Sling when “durability” is an issue. Think “rough steel edges”. We also recommend the use of  TRI link rathe than a carabiner. Typically a carabiner ends up “overloaded” when used in an anchor of this type. Specifically, a wrapped or basket style anchor terminates into a 3-way load when 3rd load strand is connected (the silk). Professional riggers use TRI links or shackles with the screw pin “hobbled” with a zip tied. Ask us about our super low profile system. It involves a tool to utilize so we recommend it an the alternative.

Kit Includes:

1” x 48” Nylon Sling $8.05

1 x TRI Link $11.00

1 x SR Swivel $59.45

1 x SR Steel AL Carabiner  $39.60 or 1 x Osprey AL Aluminum Carabiner $20.35

1 x SR Rescue 8 $48.65

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in