Aerialist Rigging Bag (top stacker)


The Vertical Art Dance Aerialist Rigging Bag is great for studios & gyms, aerial instructors, performers, students and riggers! Keep your silks clean and organized, your rigging gear compartmentalized and travel with ease.


Inside Case Dimensions: 19” long x 12” wide x 14” high / 485x305x360mm

The Vertical Art Dance Aerialist Rigging Bag (top stacker) is part of the Stackable Rolling Series Rigging Bags; multi-purpose padded bags for the aerialist on the go. This 19-inch wide top stacker may be used together with the Aerialist Rigging Roller Bag, 19-inch roller bag (sold separately) for maximum fabric storage and transport into an event or class. This product is made of heavy duty materials to survive life on the road.

The large inner dimensions along with it’s configurable padded dividers allow for a wide variety of aerial fabric, costumes, make-up, gear and rigging essentials to be stored and transported. The Vertical Art Dance Aerialist Rigging Bags help you protect your valuable investments, allows for easier transport to and from classes & events, and keeps fabric clean and dust free when your not using it.

• 19-inch wide top stackable bag fits onto the Vertical Art Dance Aerialist Rigging Roller Bag (sold separately) by use of it’s rear strap
• Includes two configurable padded dividers
• Heavy duty design and zippers

Tech Tips:

  • When putting aerial fabric into your gear bags make sure you remove all velcro dividers. The velcro dividers can snag you fabric, so you must remove them.
  • Do not over stuff aerial fabric into your gear bags, this can cause the zipper to snag the fabric.
  • When storing fabric for long periods of time remove all rigging hardware from the fabric.


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 14 in