F4 Lowering Device


Sterling Rope’s innovative F4 is the perfect device for an Aerial Lower Out System (LOS). This system allows for anyone (teachers or students), to safely lower a fully weighted apparatus to the ground.

Currently, studios NOT using a lower out system to protect their students are required to stop the class, pull out a ladder, set the ladder up on some sort of padded surface, (not approved for the ladder by any industry), climb up to the entangled student and attempt to unweight the student from the silks, therefore placing the instructor in a situation where they can both fall to the ground. While a properly installed LOS allows the instructor to maintain the overall class composure while casually walking to the F4 ground anchor station to safely lower the trapped student to the ground.



A NFPA1983,2012 certified product
Length: 6″
MBS lbs (kN) 3,035 (13.5)
Weight: 6 oz
Width: 2″


Tech Tip: Precision height rigging! This device also works great when setting your aerial hammock heights for aerial yoga in replacement of the daisy chain.  Individualize your hammocks before or during class easily to give your students a precise hammock height.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 in

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