Falcon AL Carabiner


The Falcon AL is a 3-stage, compact pear-shaped carabiner. Crafted from high strength 7075-T6 aluminum, the Falcon is strong and lightweight.

Autolocking or “selflocking” carabiners have a spring-loaded barrel that closes over the gate when released therefore automatically locking the gate closed. This type of locking carabiner offers a little more security in the system over screwgate carabiners, but all carabiners should be second checked.



Gate Opening: .95″ (24mm)

Major Axis: 25kN

Minor Axis: 7kN

Open: 7kN

Shape: Compact Pear

Weight: 86g

Tech Tip: instead of using a carabiner, which, when improperly loaded, can be up to 70% weaker than realized, use a screw link. A screw link is stronger & more durable than a carabiner, it is safer to load in multiple directions and  has a smaller overall frame size making it a prime choice for rigging when space is limited. The only real downside of a screw link is the action required to open/ close the link. In some cases, it may require a wrench to open. A carabiner offers the user an easier way to open & close the gate for rigging needs. Typically we will rig with screw links in places not needing to be open/closed often and save the carabiners for the few places which they are needed.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

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