Falcon SL Carabiner


The Falcon SL is a screwgate, compact pear-shaped carabiner. Crafted from high strength 7075-T6 aluminum, the Falcon is strong and lightweight.

Screwgate carabiners have a barrel that moves vertically on a threaded gate. When closed the barrel creates a secure connection between the carabiner and top of the gate, locking the carabiner closed. Screwgate carabiners can come open and should be second checked before loading.



Gate Opening: .95″ (24mm)

Major Axis: 25kN

Minor Axis: 7kN

Open: 7kN

Shape: Compact Pear

Weight: 84g

Tech Tip: Traditionally, a screwgate carabiner is good for “single handed” manipulation, where an autolocking carabiner generally requires two hands to function. Neither of these aspects directly relate to the aerialist rigging world. A screw gate carabiner can become unlocked by way of the vibrations translated to the gear from normal use. It is very important for the users to understand that when a carabiner becomes unlocked it can be subjected to “gate flutter” wherein the gate is swung open temporarily during a shock load or dynamic event weakening the connector by up to 70% and causing deformation of failure to the gear. The most accepted way to guard against this is to either ensure that the gate is turned downward so that any vibration will only cause the barrel to twist downward & tighter. Some riggers will use electrical tape to wrap around the entire frame of the carabiner to ensure it cannot rotate or have the gate work loose. An Auto locking carabiner solves this problem. Some riggers will use screw links in lieu of a carabiner to avoid such an issue. Screw links must be treated the same as any screw gate as they too can work loose if not orientated properly in the rig.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

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