Hollow Block


Rig your aerial hammocks with ease and without overloading your carabiners. We rig all of our hammocks using this product as a friction hitch. The advantage of friction hitches for silk rigging is the appropriate amount of material left at the master point to be placed into he carabiner. Traditionally, aerialist riggers will tie their silks into carabiner drastically overloading the connector and giving the rigger a false sense of security. Typically that type of rigging results in an “overloaded” or “off axis loading” and will be subject to deep scrutiny when the connector doesn’t perform as designed.


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The Sterling Rope Hollow Block leaves the rigger with twin 8mm loops which are sized to safely nest into the major axis rigging point of your connector, a carabiner or a screwlink. The Hollow Block will not melt like traditional nylon or polyester. It chars at 950°F, making the Hollow Block an extremely durable cord to tie friction hitches with (4 wrap prusik).

Length: 19 inches or 13.5 inches

MBS (kN): 3,147 (14kN)

Material: High strength & highly heat resistant Arimid

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Weight 1 lbs

19”, 13.5”