Osprey AL Carabiner


The Osprey AL is a 3-stage, oval-shaped carabiner. Crafted from high strength 7075-T6 aluminum, the Osprey is strong and lightweight. The oval-shape helps center loads on the carabiner and is a good choice for aid climbing and high angle rescue.

Autolocking or selflocking carabiners have a spring-loaded barrel that closes over the gate when released. This type of locking carabiner offers a little more security in the system over screwgate carabiners, but all carabiners should be second checked.



Gate opening: .95″ (24mm)

Shape: Oval

Major Axis: 23kN

Minor Axis: 7kN

Open: 6kN

Weight: 78g

CE certified: Yes

Additional information

Weight .17 lbs