Screw Link 8mm


The Sterling Rope Screw Link can be used in replacement of carabiners for a higher strength and more durable compact rigging solution. It is ideal for use in any concealed or out of reach anchor system as well as multi directional or tri axle loads.


Sterling’s 8mm Screwlink, also known as a maillon or quicklink, is constructed from steel and can be used to attach a bight of rope to a piece of metal that may be too thin to safely attach to the rope directly, such as the becket on a double-sheaved pulley, a bolt hanger; or used when the connection point is too small to allow the rope to pass through properly.

Tech Tip: For your aerial apparatus rig, use a screw link between the swivel and the anchor material (Rope, span set, nylon slings etc) and an Auto Locking carabiner from the swivel to the Figure 8 or Hollow Blocks.  When using a lower out system LOS, tie the rope directly into the swivels top end and carabiner/ screw link the aerial apparatus off the bottom of the swivel. This is a more compact  rigging design with 1 less component to monitor due to the direct rope tie in. A Figure 8 “follow through” is a strong/ easy to untie knot to use.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

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