SR Rescue 8


The SR Rescue 8 was designed as a decent control device and has been adopted by the aerial rigging industry to serve as a rigging plate for aerial silks. Traditionally, the silk will be hitched into the hardware near the silks center point creating two “tails” which performers utilize for their practice. The Horns also serve as a splinter for the 2 tails enabling the climber to easily access individual tails while weighted.


Tech Tip: The use of rigging plates, screw links, “tri” or “delta links” are becoming more and more common as the aerialist industry better learns about its historically dangerous practice of overloading carabiners. A Rigging Plate allows for the proper amount of material to be set into a carabiner so the connector can remain in service at its printed major axis rating of 22 kN.

  • MBS 22kN (4950 lbs) in “rigging plate” mode, slow pull test.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

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